Tim Mahoney
Canyon Lake, CA

A journeyman carpenter by trade, I was trained the old fashion way; do the job the best you can as if you are the owner or client.  I am presently a woodworker doing what I really enjoy, working in my woodshop on projects that I choose.  I make furniture for my family and others.

Thirty six years ago I built a roll top desk.  Self taught in woodworking, I thought that because I was a carpenter apprentice I could build anything since I had the necessary tools.  I was young and ambitious, but I was also wrong and didn’t know it.  I still have the desk.  Some things, however, I did right, giving me the courage to do more.  A few years ago I was able to work along side a very good furniture maker, and more specifically, someone who would teach me how to build a rocking chair inspired by the ever so great and humble master woodworker Sam Maloof.  It was the best two months spent on a project.  Sam Maloof passed away June, 2009.  I was lucky enough to meet him a few months prior.  What a wonderful person he was.  I came away from his home with a very positive feeling, as I discovered I was doing some of the same things Sam did.    Sam believed in passing along his knowledge to all who asked.  I like to do the same.

My furniture pieces are made to order.  Each piece is designed to fit the client’s needs and requests.  Some designs, such as my writing desk and TV media center are my own.  Matching swivel chairs are also available for any desk.

Thank you for looking,
Tim Mahoney

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